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To us here at Mosaic Funeral Group these circumstances present no difficulties, as we can make arrangements anywhere in the world. If you should ever be confronted with this situation, remember that the only thing you need to do is call us, either locally or long distance, and we will do the rest.

Many members of our community from other countries send their loved ones back to their homeland for burial or cremation. This entails many hours of preparation. We deal with various Government Departments as well as with the Consulate General of their native homeland. All of this is administered by Mosaic Funeral Group director who will conveyance all documentation in accordance with the Government concerned.

Mosaic Funeral Group is a registered importer and exporter at the South African Revenue Service.



Embalming is a vitally important professional service rendered by the funeral director, a science requiring skill by a register professional. Utilizing the body’s circulatory system, the embalmer saturates the tissues with a preservative fluid to ensure preservation and life like appearance. This is a necessity when repatriating deceased over long distances, but can also be done on request of any family.

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Mosaic Funeral Group is a trusted and well known funeral service provider in the funeral and insurance industry.

We can provide you with all the necesary services to take care of your loved ones.

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