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Granite plaques

Granite plaques are normally used for memorial walls or niches

Our plaques are made in house and families are able to personalize the plaque paying a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Most plaque are manufacture from Rustenburg Granite, but we also ’n request make use of a large of granite.


Fine Porcelain memorial plaques

We offer a large rage Porcelain plaques and frames previously only imported from Italy.


Technology used

The latest state-of-the-art technology is used to create a digital transfer of photographic images (portraits) to glaze porcelain plaque.


Unsurpassed quality

The new proprietary technology, combined with the use of inorganic pigment, will guarantee the highest standards of colour, visual reproduction and quality of imagery, clarity and durability.

Some colour variation will occur in certain colours but you will always have a wonderful final product.

We do not use sublimation (heat press) method.

All images are kiln fired into the topglaze of the porcelain plaque, at temperatures in excess of 850 deg C.

Our Porcelain plaques are much more durable, compared to ceramic plaques.


Lifetime Guarantee

Our Photo portrait transfer technology guarantees permanent resistance to:

  • Sunlight (UV) Rays (will not fade)
  • Surface resistance to acid rain.
  • Surface and support materials are frost resistant


Type of photo needed

Submit clear, original photographs or raw data from your digital camera, at least 300dpior greater.

DO NOT submit photocopies of photos or prints made from a laser or inkjet printer.

Inadequate submissions drastically reduce the quality of the finished product. Our goal is to help you to get the best possible photo memorial plaque of your loved one.


Scanning tips

  • Please ensure you scan original photos
  • Scan Photos to setting 300dpi or higher
  • Save scan picture as a JPG file
  • Contact Kobus directly for advise


We offer a lifetime guarantee.

Your personalized photo plaque will newer fade!

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