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Exhumation is the act where a body is removed from a grave and relocated to a new grave. We are experienced in exhumations and have done many project for individuals, government and corporate entities.

  • No Person must exhume or cause to be exhumed a body without the written consent of the:

  • Premier of the Provincial Government
  • The Council
  • Provincial Department of Health
  • Administrator of Cemeteries
  • Council’s Medical Officer of Health


In terms of the Removal of Graves and Dead bodies Ordinance, Ordinance 7 of 1925.

  • Whenever an Exhumation is to take place, the Officer-in-Charge must inform the Commissioner of the Municipal Police service.

  • Graves older than 60 years or unknown will need approval from the South African Heritage Resource Agency.

  • Exhumations of these graves are to be done under the supervision of accredited archaeologist.

  • In order to get the permits from the Provincial Government and SAHRA for unknown graves there should be a full public Participation/Social consultation process recorded.

  • This includes:

  • News paper ads in three local and provincial news papers for a period of 30 days for response
  • The Council
  • On site notices for a period of 60 days
  • Door to door family interviews.

  • Once all permits and permissions are obtained a registered Undertaker will be needed to do the re-burials.


Exhumation services by Mosaic Funeral Group

  • All communication and Reports with the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA)
  • A full Public Participation/Social consultation process.
  • Preparation and submission of a permit application to SAHRA
  • The exhumation of the grave under the direct supervision of professionally Accredited archaeologists (only Required in SAHRA Applications)
  • The relocation of any formal headstones/gravestones
  • Preparation of legal advertisements and the placement thereof (Site and Newspaper advertisements)
  • Communication with the relevant authorities
  • Small coffins suitable for skeletal material
  • The reburial of the remains
  • The purchase of cemetery plots for the reburial of the remains nearest Municipality Cemetery
  • Any financial benefits to affected families, these fees will be negotiated by Mosaic Funeral Group in consultation with the client


References for 2008 - 2014

Project - Muldersdrif Farm Cemetery N14 Interchange

Date of exhumation: 28 January 2008
Number of graves: 19 Adult graves


Project - Ruimsig Farm cemetery

Date of exhumation: 09 October 2008
Number of graves: 10 Graves (6 Adults and 4 children)


Project - Garsfontein Farm cemetery

Date of exhumation: 18 December 2008
Number of graves: 13 Graves
Relocate to cemetery: Pretoria East Cemetery, Garsfontein


Project - Farm Cemetery Smithfield 44 near Ogies

Date of exhumation: 1 June 2009
Number of graves: 7 Graves


Project - Farm Cemetery Leitrim, Sasolburg, Free State

Date of exhumation: 22 July 2009
Number of graves: 2 Graves


Project - Farm Cemetery Straffontein, Delmas

Date of exhumation: 24-25 August 2010
Number of graves: 16 Graves


Project - Rodium Reef, Eastplats Steelpoort, Limpopo Province

Date of exhumation: 8-15 August 2012
Number of graves: 13 Graves


Project - Farm Cemetery, New Largo, Near Ogies

Date of exhumation: 15-21 November 2012
Number of graves: 51 Graves


Project - De Hoop Dam 3 Graves- Department of Water Affairs Limpopo

Date of exhumation: 12-13 November 2013
Number of graves: 3 Graves


Project - Xstrata Mine project, Tweefontein Witbank

Date of exhumation: Scheduled March / Apri 2014 *Awaiting SHARA Permit
Number of graves: 2000 Graves

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