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We provide professional services in the Funeral Industry so you can rest assured that your loved ones are taken care of in the best way possible.


Funeral services are ceremonies held for celebrating, respecting, sanctifying and remembering the life of a loved one whom has passed.

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Insurance Policies

A Month to Month Funeral Cover and Payments.

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Tombstone Memorials

At Mosaic Funeral Group a tombstone is a Memorial that pays lasting tribute to a loved one.

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At Mosaic Funeral Group we are able to supply a large range of Cremation Urns and Keepsakes. From the peacefulness of a handcrafted wooden urn to the highest quality imported brass urns.

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Marble Art Statues

Mosaic Funeral Group supplies various High Quality Marble Statues, Figurines and tombstone accessories.

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Mosaic Funeral Group offers a large range of high quality granite, porcelain plaques and frames at unbeatable prices.

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Mosaic Funeral Group Specialize in Single Grave and Farm Cemetery Relocation, Exhumation and Reburial of Disinterred.

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Canvas Portraits

Turn precious memories into work of art.

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Most people like to travel today, this brings up the importance of knowing what to do when death occurs far from home or when death occurs here but interment is to be made at a distant point.

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Mosaic Funeral Group is a trusted and well known funeral service provider in the funeral and insurance industry.

We can provide you with all the necesary services to take care of your loved ones.

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